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Threaded By Corey D. Rivers Jemison

Threaded By Corey D. Rivers Jemison

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Remember when the teacher assigned math homework and instructed us to "show your work?" Later in life, I learned they did that because if we got the answer wrong but did other steps correctly, the teacher could identify where we went wrong and help us understand our misstep.

This book depicts the author's life's journey navigating identity, faith, and reconciliation, where the readers get a detailed look into the intimate decision-making of the author through relationships of all types, be it platonic, romantic, spiritual, familial, or professional.

The relatability to the teacher instructing us to "show your work" is found in this book in a raw, vulnerable, and transparent way that allows the reader to deduce the root of unhealthy decisions made by the author and reconciliation by the author of a new perspective gained by healing and growing through what was threatening his cognitive dissonance. The readers will be attentive to the author's chaotic life, which is somehow threaded together perfectly for this moment in his life.

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275 Pages. Print Book: Royal (6.14 x 9.21 in / 156 x 234 mm), Standard Black & White, 60# Cream, Paperback, Glossy Cover. ISBN: 978-1-304-56880-9

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