Showing Up

Showing Up

I was inspired recently by a friend who sent me a video of her grandmother taking her first steps as she's in rehab after a medical event that isn't favorable to older adults, especially over the age of 90. 

Let's call her Sarah; my friend has been traveling up and down the highway, sometimes for weeks, as she facilitates her grandmother's aftercare. 

Her grandmother, whom we affectionately call Big Mama, has given her a few scares along the way, like sleeping for extended hours and then popping her head up out of nowhere like, hey, girl, hey. 

To make Sarah's situation humorous, I often tell her that Big Mama is now scaring her as a sport. These little moments of humor keep us going in tough times. 

When Sarah sent me the video of Big Mama walking, she said it made her heart leap. It was a decisive moment, a testament to Big Mama's strength and resilience. After three long months of hard work and determination, Big Mama was finally taking her first steps. 

I smiled as I watched the video she shared because I know the effort, attention, and mental stamina my friend has been under for the past three months. 

I make it a point to check in with Sarah at least once weekly to get an update on Big Mama. I do this to stay informed and offer a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. Sarah needs to have a space to express her feelings about her current situation freely. 

Reflecting on Big Mama's journey, I'm struck by her resilience. Despite her present circumstances, she's maintaining her mental acuity, understanding that she needs to work towards walking again. It's truly inspiring. 

I think about how patient Big Mama has been during her recovery. She has done whatever she needs within her strength to get through while focusing on her faith and will to live. 

As I consider my friend's role in this journey, I'm filled with admiration. She's been there every step of the way, guiding Big Mama back to health. Being a caregiver is a monumental task; she does it gracefully and diligently. 

I didn't ask her, but I hope my friend showed Big Mama the video of her walking so she could see her hard work affirmed. I'm sure Big Mama appreciates my friend showing up, but what about Big Mama, as she has shown up for herself? 

Like Big Mama, I'm also on a journey of recovery. I've been in my process for several months, and I'm prepared to see the visual affirmation of my progress, just like Big Mama did in the video. It's a reminder that we all have our battles, and the small victories keep us going.   

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