Seizing The Moment

Seizing The Moment

My mother often said, " You got to make something out of nothing." While I didn't fully understand what that meant at a young age, I assumed she meant that since we had limited resources, i.e., money, food, clothes, and transportation, you had to get creative with finding a solution. 

My mother, a true master of resourcefulness, could turn beans, rice, and gravy into a five-star meal. Our shopping trips were adventures, as we scoured K-Mart for clothes and Payless for shoes. We strategized our errands, walking to nearby places or hitching a ride with a kind older man in his station wagon for a few dollars. Her ingenuity and resilience were genuinely inspiring. 

As I matured, I realized that 'making something out of nothing' is a universal skill set. It's about paying attention to the details, reflecting on our practices, and being open to learning. It's about using the resources around us, both tangible and within ourselves, to meet life's challenges. Some might call this 'seizing the moment.' 

Consider this: give three individuals, each with unique backgrounds and experiences, a piece of white paper and a black crayon, and ask them to draw something. The results will be fascinatingly diverse despite the uniformity of the resources. Their creativity will shine through, and you'll have three distinct drawings, each offering a unique perspective, reflecting the richness of their stories. 

Recently, I've been actively 'seizing the moment.' I've been allowing synthesis to flow through my experiences, becoming aware of my skills to navigate and extract the most value from challenging situations. I've found solace in realizing that I can focus on a problem and not wait for what I think I lack because the necessary resources naturally emerge from within me.  

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