Intentional Living

Intentional Living

There comes a time during your journey when intention becomes a pivotal tool when creating the life you desire for yourself. Yes, it's okay for us to have desires because we're human, and depending on how you believe, the desires of your heart should come to pass.

Checking in consistently with your 'intent' could help you begin to denounce fear and negative behaviors that are not conducive to your blossoming future. I know this because as I've reframed my mindset to one of intention, I've seen an improvement in my hope for the future while being present in the now.

I've also assessed that my intention concerning how I'm creating my life may make others uncomfortable. Regretfully, I remind myself it's not my issue to fix because I don't know the root of what makes others uncomfortable. I can assume it reflects their fears or redundant way of thinking, and I can also refuse to accept that energy with kindness.

One of the things I've learned during my journey is that when you start to change and get ready for the trajectory you envision for your life, everything around you changes as well: people, places, and things. Your intention to add to your life is working when the changes occur. Instead of giving in to a distraction or someone's deflection, lean into your motives and decide to stay focused on the road ahead.

I focus on my changing values and get cozy with my intelligence because it takes critical thought to practice intention. I give and consume more meaningfulness and compassionate intent to experience more positive energy. Doing this lets me quickly discover when someone else's energy, purpose, or motives may harm me. As a result, I gain better awareness and can adjust where necessary to keep this train moving.

If you examine your beliefs and motivations, proclaim your intent in a tangible form, and commit to dedicating yourself to daily intentional living, this is the foundation of living more freely with intent.

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